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Have just had forwarded from multiple lists the ESRC/Google announcement of a call for small data analytics research projects. If I knew what “best practice” is I could think of project ideas to transmit it. Also, more positivistically, if I had some pet social science theories I could imagine how analytic tools might test them. Integrating data analytics into teaching is easier to imagine: we graduate hundreds of business students who have learnt little about the analytic techniques they quickly stumble upon in the real world of marketing, supply-chain management, finance etc..

“The call for Google Data Analytics Social Science Research aims to provide funding for projects that demonstrate the potential of how publicly accessible online data, analytical and presentational tools, such as those provided by Google, can be used to address social and economic research topics, showcasing how academics can use online data analytical tools in creative, intellectual and creative ways. As part of this process, the projects should:

  • transmit best practice in use of such tools for social science
  • show how the tools can be used to test social-science theories
  • suggest possible improvements/innovations in the tools to help integrate analytics and open-source data tools in general into the teaching/learning community.

We have allocated £200,000 to fund a maximum of four research projects lasting up to one year. The call will open on 20 August 2012 and close on 2 October 2012.”

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