Information Infrastructures Workshop


Gordon Haywood and Hajar Mozaffar, two of our PhD students, have organised our second workshop on Information Infrastructures in Edinburgh 9th – 11th October 2012. Details on the workshop website.

From their blurb:This workshop will focus on the emergence and continuing evolution of  new kinds of information infrastructures (IIs) in business, the  corporate world and other settings. By connecting a growing number of  systems and data, Information Infrastructures support user work in  everyday life, but also bring about increased organizational and  technological complexity. As IIs permeate an increasingly broad range  of social and institutional contexts, they generate both new kinds of  challenges for information systems development, and new social,  organizational and market forms as foci for social study. The workshop  will bring together researchers to share empirical studies, analytical  approaches and methodological concerns in the understanding of  Information Infrastructures innovation, and to explore what the future  holds for research in this area.”

They have Eric Monteiro (NTNU, Norway), David Ribes (Georgetown University, USA), Geoff Walsham (University of Cambridge) and Steve Sawyer (Syracuse University, USA) as keynote speakers, supported by an interesting international range of papers.

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