Crowdsensing: Safecast


Recent video by Adrian Storey describing the Safecast project’s crowdsensing of radiation in Japan.

In the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi accident in March 2011 the science of radiation monitoring has become a contested knowledge. Official government announcements on the spread of radiation encountered public scepticism, so individual citizens with radiation monitors started collecting their own data. Within days a group of concerned citizens with IT expertise, many of them linked to Tokyo hackerspace founded Safecast and started developing a platform to generate, collate and share this citizen sourced data. Crowdfunding, through Kickstarter was used to raise money, the Pachube data sharing sharing service was used to store and distribute data and radiation monitors were developed using open source Arduino controllers. Safecast’s commitment to open data and  open source components developed by a loose global collaboration of intersted individulas make them an excellent example of the principles of genuinely open innovation in action.

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