Innovative Learning Week


Next week is Innovative Learning week across the University: it is not a holiday, it is not even just a hiatus from lectures to allow students to catch up on coursework; it should be a chance to learn things that cannot be included in students’ everyday lectures.

The Business School has organised a programme of events, all of which are laudable and interesting, but almost all of which could have been included within the structures of existing lectures. A high proportion of the events are students being talked at: so plenty of learning, but not much that is innovative. Other Schools are much more innovative. Infomratics arranges a series of hackathon exercises, which are educationally useful but would be hard to include in conventional courses. Even our friends in Economics can think a bit above the clouds, with a student film competition, followed by the showing of the Brad Pitt film Moneyball about the Oakland Athletics baseball team’s use of performance metrics to manage the team. Economics describe this as being “the true story of Oakland A’s general manager’s attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing economics inspired computer-generated analysis”. I know that for some economists Star Wars is a film about neo-Ricardian trade theory and Brief Encounter is about the time-value of utility, but Moneyball is really a film about how Management Science can be applied to practical problems. Good film though, so I would recommend students from other Schools crash it, and if challenged and asked for the £1 to get in, smile and offer them 20p: as utility maximisers economists always prefer 20p to nothing.

The Business School events are:

“Sustainability and Zero Carbon technology – saving millions with localised technology at the University power centres.
18/02/2013 10:00
Bigger than Glastonbury – The Festival at Edinburgh
18/02/2013 14:00
Raising Capital – getting it right
18/02/2013 15:00
Public Relations – Managing the Unmanageable
19/02/2013 10:00
Interview Workshop
19/02/2013 12:30
RBS: A day in the life of a Group Finance Graduate
19/02/2013 14:00
Careers, cakes and comments
19/02/2013 16:00
Leadership skills – with Accenture
20/02/2013 09:30
Social Enterprise – Business by communities, for communities.
20/02/2013 12:00
Virtual Shop – exploring e-commerce software with Dr Alvaro Morgado and Prestashop.
20/02/2013 14:00
Marketing with the experts – The Marketing Society presents
20/02/2013 18:00
Moving Ahead – with The Business Society. An all day event on Thursday 21st February
21/02/2013 09:00
Maths and Business brunch – course and career choices
21/02/2013 10:30 “

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