ISSTI Retreat Videos


Last summer’s ISSTI retreat was held in the chimpanzee house at Edinburgh Zoo. It gave a range of faculty, research students and invited guests the chance to present their latest ideas to a sympathetic audience. For the first time the presentations were videoed and some of the videos have been made available on the ISSTI web-site. Here are five of the more interesting presentations. When I have a spare minute I will write some commentary.

Paolo Quattrone: Unfolding Rationality: Performative Accountability, Visual Memory, and Order
Gian Marco Campagnolo, Neil Pollock Subitisation 
Stuart Anderson:  Big Data and its malcontents
Trevor Pinch:  Beyond Affordances and Scripts: Socio-Materiality and Why It Matters
Cate Heeney and Nadja Kanellopoulou: Topographies of data sharing and the future of data governance

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