Innovation and Enterprise MOOC


Our second year Innovation and Entrepreneurship course uses the Wiley book “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by John Bessant and Joe Tidd as the recommended text. There are many good entrepreneurship texts out there, and some adequate innovation texts, but Bessant and Tidd’s strength is that it covers almost all key concepts across both areas. Its two main drawbacks are that it is a very dull book and isn’t really structured in a way to help students in understanding key concepts as part of their exam revision. So I am always on the lookout for media that are more student-friendly.

I have just come across MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on the Futurelearn platform entitled Innovation and Enterprise with Dr Julie Holland of Loughborough University in the role of “educator”. Loughborough is inarguably the Midland’s leading higher education institution (I might be biased on this…) and the timing, starting on the 14th of April for six weeks, overlaps our students’ examination revision period. FutureLearn say participation only takes three hours per week and it’s free.

The content of the MOOC is summarised as:

“We will study four main areas that influence this process:

  • We will study the PERSON/PEOPLE that are involved in the process. This will include the entrepreneur, the inventor and the innovator, for example.
  • By studying the POSSIBILITY of coming up with new ideas and making them happen, we will take a detailed look at creativity and opportunity spotting.
  • We will focus on the PROTECTION of ideas through intellectual property and how this can help/hinder the innovation process.
  • We will look at the PRACTICE of turning an idea into a new product or service.

This outline appears to be very closely aligned with our syllabus, so I am encouraging our students to enrol in this MOOC. I have also enrolled so that I can blog a commentary for our students linking the MOOC to our course. Obviously, the course, which is a pilot, may not be that helpful, but even then participation in the course will give our students insights into MOOCS as another example of innovation.

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