Richard Ling – The structuring of mobile communication into social interaction


Below I have embedded the video of a recent talk by Rich Ling of IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Professor Ling examines the development of social cohesion and the structured use of mobile communication in everyday life. The talk provides an introduction to his ideas developed in more depth in his two books: “New tech, new ties” and “Taken for grantedness.”

Professor Ling’s research draws on deep sociological research into mobile use undertaken in collaboration with Telenor, the Norwegian mobile operator. This has given Professor Ling the opportunity to undertake a detailed analysis of the use of mobile phones during following the Norwegian attacks of July 2011. The main theme running through his research is that mobile phone use is sociologically complex, but that most of the interactions are with a small number of others (“digital gemeineschaft”), and that being accessible by phone is increasingly taken-for-granted.

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