Open Data Infrastructures


The wide publication of information as open data allows innovators to build new applications using this data to provide novel services or carry out groundbreaking analysis. Around the World governments and private sector bodies are increasingly releasing information as open data. Below is a presentation by Eric Hysen of Google at Open Knowledge Festival 2014, Berlin, July 2014. Hysen argues that too much open data are published in unstructured formats that make it difficult for third-parties to build on, that published data is not updated to allow users to build up-to-date applications, and that it is often unclear that the data are licensed giving developers confidence that they are not infringing intellectual property. Many applications of open data are developed as apps in hackatons, but these prototypes are then not fully developed or maintained. Hysen argues that the big successes from open data will come from the development of information infrastructures, combining an ecosystem of applications, systemic interoperability and the maintenance of the data.

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