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Operations Management Resources: July 2014

Session 1: Management of Service Operations

The Great Ticket Scandal

Television investigation from Channel 4 Dispatches investigating the online reselling of event tickets, examining why so many tickets appear at over the face value so soon after the box office sells out.
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Now That’s What I Call Edinburgh!

An Edinburgh Spotify Playlist

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Session 2: Management of Service Quality


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Sessions 3: Service Design

From Harvard Economist To Casino CEO

The use of experiments in the design of operations in the commercial world is covered in a podcast From Harvard Economist To Casino CEO“,  summarised in the NPR blurb as “Gary Loveman used to be an economics professor at Harvard Business School. Now he runs Ceasars Entertainment Corporation, a giant gambling company. But he still thinks like an academic. He likes to say there are three things that can get you fired from Caesars: Stealing, sexual harassment and running an experiment without a control group.”


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