First Year Operations Management

Session Date Lecture Topic Reading
22 5th Nov Operations and Innovation – to consider the nature and importance of operations; to explain the operating system model; product and process innovation; technology push versus market pull. 445-476
23 6th Nov Lean Operations – the “Lean” model of operations: its history and its content. 545-579
24 8th Nov Planning and Control: Enterprise Resources Planning – the use of computers to plan and control activities, in particular the use of Enterprise Resource Planning systems. 509-543
25 12th Nov Supply-Chain Management: Regional Distribution Centres – the radical changes in the physical distribution of goods will be described and the argument that the entire chain from raw materials to final customer should be managed to ensure overall efficiency discussed. 509-543
26 13th Nov Operations Improvement: Six Sigma – competing approaches to ensuring operations remain efficient and effective, including the management of expertise and Knowledge Management. 581-620
27 15th Nov Quality Management: ISO9000 – the use of audited management systems. 581-620
28 19th Nov Innovation Revisited – the development of new products and services, including the concept of Open Innovation, simultaneous engineering and Disruptive Innovation.
29 22nd Nov Operations Strategy – the strategic importance of effective operations management will be discussed; the development of an Operations Strategy to ensure operations are aligned with other functions will be addressed and, finally, current issues facing operations managers will be considered. 477-508