8 Operations Strategy

Map8Session Synopsis

The claim has made through these lectures that operations are strategically important for the success of most organisations. This session covers three approaches for linking operations decisions, for example investigating in new processes, with the higher level straegic objectives of the organisation: HAyes & Wheelwright’s taxonomy of Operations Effectiveness, Porter’s Value Chain Analysis and the Balanced Scorecard of Kaplan and Norton.

Session Objectives

  • be able to relate Operations Strategy to broader Business Strategy/Business Policy;
  • be able to relate organisations to Hayes & Wheelwright’s model of operational effectiveness;
  • be able to relate the operations strategy of an organisation to the five operational performance objectives;
  • be able to describe the trends towards “focus” in operations.

Text Book

BS1 Vol. 1, pp 477-508.

Key Terms

  • Operations Strategy
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Balanced Scorecard


Sin-Hoon Hum, Lay-Hong Leow, (1996) Strategic manufacturing effectiveness: An empirical study based on the Hayes-Wheelwright framework, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 16 Iss: 4, pp.4 – 18

Kaplan, R. S., & Norton, D. P. (1992). The Balanced Scorecard–Measures That Drive Performance. Harvard Business Review, 70(1), 71-79.