1 Introduction


The definitions of entrepreneurship and innovation are addressed. It is identified that entrepreneurs are not necessarily innovative and that innovation occurs in all organisations, but that innovation is very significant for srt-up organisations.

The risk of assuming that innovation is only about new technologies will be criticised and new organisational processes and new ways of marketing of products also be seen as being eamples of innovation.


  • be aware of course objectives;
  • be aware that Bessant & Tidd is the course textbook;
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  • consider any start-up and suggest why product and process innovation are strategically important;
  • Be able to identify entrepreneurship as a process;
  • Be able to contrast incremental innovation and radical innovation.

Textbook: chapter 1.


Bessant J, Lamming R, Noke H, Phillips W (2005) Managing innovation beyond the steady state, Technovation, Dec 2005, Volume: 25 Issue: 12 pp.1366-1376.

Francis & Bessant J (2005)Targeting innovation and implications for capability, Technovation, Volume 25, Issue 3, March 2005, Pages 171–183