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  • Be able to explain Von Hippel’s argument for the democratizing of innovation
  • Understand when the locus of innovation moves to the user;
  • Be able to explain the evolution of standards processes from hierarchical processes to more open communities;
  • Be able to identify the barriers to participation in standards
    The significance of standards for innovation

Textbook: chapter 6


Online text of Democratizing Innovation, Eric Von Hippel, 2005.

Jeff Howe video on crowdsourcing.

Inside Cisco’s Search for the Next Big Idea, Guido Jouret, Harvard Business Review, September, 2009: short description of use of a competition to generate innovation.

NPR Planet Money podcast on business model behind iphone apps: case of Instapaper.

Patent Wars: Stripping the IPhone Bare
BBC clip on taking an iPhone apart to find the intellectual property (do not try this at home).

How Many Standards in a Laptop? Biddle, White & Woods (2010)

Reflexive Standardisation of Network Technologies, paper presented to ITU-T Kaleidoscope Conference, Cape Town, 2011.