Quality Management

The aim of this course is to bring together concepts from operations management, marketing and organisational behaviour to develop an understanding of how organisations ensure that they are efficiently meeting the expectations of their customers.

The course is assessed through an end-of-year exam plus a report analysing the management of quality in an organisation chosen by the student.

On completion of this course students should be able to:

  • ┬ábe able to describe, compare and critically discuss the implementation of ISO9000, Investors in People, Balanced Scorecard and the Business Excellence Model as a foundation for operational improvement;
  • be able to describe the principles of Statistical Process Control and discuss its use;
  • be able to relate the theoretical debates about knowledge management to techniques for applying expertise to operations improvement;
  • be able to describe the techniques available for monitoring and managing service quality, including SERVQUAL;
  • describe elements in Total Quality Management and be able to discuss the practical use of the elements;
  • integrate the concepts covered in the course and relate them to current real-world organisational scenarios, suggesting possible methods for operational improvement.