Decluttering Online Presence

Dr Ian Graham

At the conference at York University last week on Co-production of Knowledge: Social Media, STS and … was inspired during presentation by Yimei Zhu on Should we use Social Media for our Research?
to come home and rationalise my use of social media. Just by trying new ideas over the last ten years I had ended up with assorted blogs for teaching and research, most rarely posted on, and multiple Twitter accounts, again mostly dormant, plus some Facebook accounts, specifically designed to refuse student requests to “friend” me. So the plan for this blog is to bring teaching, research and wittering into one place. Have set up the blog to auto-post to a new Twitter account using Twitterfeed and, when I get round to it, would like to display the Twitter feed on the blog and integrate with LinkedIn.

The deeper question raised by Zhu’s presentation was what is the purpose for academics of blogging and tweeting? I guess that, as for most academics, it is the egomaniac belief that soemwhere out there, possibly toiling away on remote Austrailian outback sheep farms over distance learning materials, we have a latent audience as yet undiscovered; plus students expect to be drip-fed over social networks. I think the argument for combining teaching and research blogs is that often the boundary between the two is blurred, or at least I hope it is. Having multiple blogs always makes me feel like Mr Ben: today I am wearing the uniform of a lecturer etc.

So, still need to sort out the look of the blog, integrate with LinkedIn and maybe Facebook/Google+, so that is the rest of July sorted.

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