Business Studies 1 Survey


I have just received the results from the survey of first semester Business Studies 1 students.

If I was tempted to bat away the negative criticisms of the Operations Management element of the course I could argue that only 60 students out of a total class size of 501 students completed the survey, so that is 441 students totally chuffed to bits with the entire course, or that I don’t see the feedback for other lecturers, so irrespective of how negative the feedback for the operations management block of the course is, I can convince myself that the feedback for the other modules is worse. I could, but I shouldn’t.

The feedback identitifies that the course as a whole focuses on theory over examples of practice. The course has to cover aspects of management theoretically because that is how these issues will be treated through to fourth year, but also becuase there is a course exam which needs concepts that can be asked about in exam questions. The possibility of no course exam and assessment solely through coursework has been considered in the past, but the School, drawing on experience when the course allowed exemption from the exam, believes that this leads to students only attending lectures tied directly  to the assessment exercises they have chosen to submit.

The feedback identitifies that some students would like the lectures to be more “interactive”.  In future I shall introduce an element of online interaction into all lectures, allowing students to respond to questions via their laptops or smart-phones.

I have not included feedback on tutorials in the linked summary because it also includes comments on named tutors, but it is not good enough, and the issues identified will be addressed.

Finally I would like to thank all the students that completed the survey, as it is only by giving feedback that issues in the course will be addressed, and encourage students to put forward suggestions for improvements.

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