MBA Operations Management Course Survey


The course monitoring feedback for this course was very disappointing, with the responses  falling below programme quality guideline on every question. The key points to be taken from the course survey requiring action are: Dissatisfaction with…

MBA Student Survey Results


The students’ survey responses for the MBA core Operations Management course that ran last semester have been collated. To accentuate the positive, the course is more popular than the government, but the government is not very…

Clay Shirky TED Talk on Open Source Democracy

Clay Shirky, author of the book Cognitive Surplus, delivers a TED talk on how the open source movement is built on a new model of community co-ordination and speculates on the possible implications for democracy.

Power of Video


Students on the MBA course developing their wikis for the course assessment are encouraged to think of novel ways of getting their information across. The wikis can include clips off Youtube or short video or audio…

Birth of Production Control

SPeaking of Production Control

Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road was not a book about the birth of computerised production planning, but the emergence of new types of knowledge is used as a metaphor. ‘Just such a piece was now in production,…

MBA Readings


I have put links to the two main papers for the first session on the course website .

MBA Operations Management Preparation


The University of Edinburgh Business School MBA operations management course will be running on Tuesdays from 18th September to 9th October. To help students prepare I have put reading lists on the course website. I will…